Naturally a clean environment

The Matseco business mission is to deliver energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions for the purification of air and water.

Matseco AB

Matseco AB is a company that specializes in delivering and supporting a broad range of energy-effective environment purification solutions. The company markets and sells a line of air purification products under the AircodeTM brand and a complementary line of water purification products under the AquacodeTM brand. Matseco products drastically reduce or eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mould, fungus spores, allergens, dust particles, and waterborn and airborne bacteria.

Matseco best practices for system installation and implementation are brought to every installation through our network of professional installation partners. The Matseco network of HVAC and engineering partners is able to manage all sizes of the installations ranging from small shops to large industrial plants. By coupling quality products and services with contractual performance and functional guarantees, Matseco serves the multi-national company as well as local businesses.. A near universal desire for a clean environment drives business demand for our field-tested environment purification solutions.


Matseco air and water purification products are ideally suited to Fortune 1000 enterprises under increasing pressure to comply with new environmental standards, companies that want to improve environmental quality for their customers and employees, and value-added resellers and distributors in the HVAC space that want to develop adjacent lines of business. Our goal is to offer the best clean environment technology, the best service, and measurable results - without chemicals. To learn how we do this, keep reading. The path to clean air and water awaits you!

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