ICA AB has, as part of their “Clean Environment Initiative” signed an agreement with Matseco AB, manufacturer of the Aircode™ family of air purification systems.

Matseco specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing energy efficient environmental solutions.

With a customized AircodeTM Air Purification System an effective and energy saving indoor environment is created with clean air free from bacteria and airborne particles.

Mats Ovegård, responsible for the quality in stores, says that Aircode will improve the environment for both customers and co-workers. Customer will have a more pleasant shopping experience with fresher air, free from odors and potential bacteria and co-workers will receive the same benefits especially those working in the garbage and bottle return/recycling rooms.

Furthermore Mats Ovegård sees improved profits as the elimination of airborne mold spores, bacteria, and airborne particulates will improve the shelf life of fruits and vegetables resulting in fewer discards and more sales. The improved indoor air quality will also reduce the energy consumption from air-conditioning and refrigeration.

We are excited about this relationship with ICA and are proud to be a part of their “Clean Environment Initiative” says Peter Thulin, marketing director at Matseco AB.

For more information about Aircode Read here

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The ICA Group is one of the Nordic region’s leading retail companies with about 2,300 ICA and associated stores in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. The ICA Group has 11,698 employees (not counting store employees in Sweden and employees at franchise stores in Norway). For orders to stores visit ICA NFRs e-commerce on ICA'sIntranet.

If you have any questions contact:
ICA NFR on phone +46 771-51 01 00 or by mail box.nfrorder@ica.se
Matseco AB on phone +46 31-7060980 or by mail info@aircode.se

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