1aB DeSign [wannabe design] using air fresheners from Aircode

"We at 1ab Design [wannabe design], has since 2010 been using air fresheners from Aircode in our facilities. After evaluating the technology in August 2011, we note that the result is very good. Since we are working with large mechanical printers and plotters in combination with solvents, we risk in our daily work to be exposed to VOC gases, dust, and various forms of harmful particles.

We at 1ABdesign constantly working to improve safety and to minimize our environmental impact and with Aircode and their air purification technology, we have taken a big step in the right direction. The air is significantly cleaner and healthier after the installation of their air cleaning units. We also have no problem with static electricity, which had previously been a major concern. "

Morgan Stigborn, partner 1aB DeSign [wannabe design].

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