2016 are in full swing and we are proud to say that Matseco AB and our product AIRCODE has now been on the market for 10 years.

Previous year was the strongest and the most interesting in AIRCODEs history so far. We see this as a good result of our constant quest to find new industries, sectors and partners to co-exist with.

In 2015, we established contact with one of the world's largest food companies. AIRCODE has been installed inside their facilities (and are being installed) with great results and this is developing into a close, long-term collaboration between the companies.

Furthermore, AIRCODE continued to broaden their horizons and gained further momentum within the real estate side as with the Supermarket chains, with over 60 new stores in the customer bank and with over 50 pieces of newly installed waste room/recycling building during the fourth quarter of 2015th
Also installations within heavy industry has been executed in Sweden but also in Italy, Holland and the USA.

The AIRCODE-designed facility in Michigan USA, that EPA / DEQ appointed to the BACT (Best Available Controlled System) many years ago, has due to increased production become too small. That's was why, in 2015, AIRCODE once again was in place to expand the facilities Aircode system to maintain the good results of 70% reduction in harmful emissions.

Also successful installations at the US Embassy in Stockholm were done during this highly eventful year. We look forward to the next 10 years and believe that they will most likely be at least as exciting as the first 10.

Hope you will join us on the journey!

Mats Nilsson with Pet Relations Manager Douglas

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- "Thanks to Aircode we have finally got rid of the odor in our return station."

Göran Andersson,
ICA Supermarket Globen

- "We at ICA Supermarket Västerhaninge has been plagued by odors in two places, empty bottles room and in the basement where our grease traps are. Since we installed Aircode this problem is completely gone."

Glenn Mattsson/ICA-Handlare

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